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86UL3J-N 86" UHD Standard Signage

Model: 86UL3J-N

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LG’s Wireless Screen Sharing Solution, LG One:Quick Share: 

LG One:Quick Share is a wireless screen sharing solution available through the UL3J series, USB transmission unit, and its app. You can simply share personal PC screen to the display with it's USB dongle button and embedded Wi-Fi*, and can adjust the basic setting values (volume, picture mode, auto bright, etc.) of the connected display without a remote control. Also, the Office Meeting Mode** helps you to display the agenda, note before the meeting starts.

Remote Monitoring and Control: 

This web-based monitoring solution is user-friendly and allows the user to be at ease. It enables the user to have full access anywhere at anytime from their mobile phone & PC under network-accessible environment while having access to both current and past data. It allows the user to monitor the unit, make adjustments and control the unit remotely in real time.

Compatible with AV Control Systems: 

The UL3J series supports Crestron Connected®* for high compatibility with professional AV controls to achieve seamless integration and automated control**, boosting business management efficiency.

Compatible with Video Conference System: 

For effective visual meeting, the UL3J series supports its compatibility with Cisco solutions that offers powerful and integrated control* for a smarter video conference.

Wireless Access Point: 

UL3J series operates as a virtual router which can be an wireless access point for mobile devices.

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