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The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) in Toluca, in the state of Mexico, has combined two Williams Sound FM base-station transmitters, 300 FM eight-channel receivers, and two Interpreter Control Consoles (IC-2) to create a highly effective, simultaneous language interpretation system for everyday use in classrooms or lecture halls where Language and Humanities courses are offered.

The IC-2 from Williams Sound is an audio control console for simultaneous language interpretation of one or more languages. It has been paired with the FM transmitters in this application to allow one or more interpreters to monitor floor or relay sources, activate microphone inputs, and route their interpretation signal to one or more language groups. The FM receivers offer UAEM students and staff a simple, user-friendly design than can operate on up to eight channels simultaneously — ideal for language interpretation applications in an educational setting.

The PPA T35 professional transmitter features a powerful microprocessor, sleek digital display and easy-to-use menu controls. The technical staff at UAEM can quickly switch between application preset controls for music, voice, or hearing assistance. The PPA T35 configures itself to the appropriate setting, taking the guesswork out of complex audio installation. With an operating range of up to 1000 feet (300m), the transmitter is ideal for auditoriums, stadiums, theaters and other large venues on this and other college campuses where superior coverage is essential.

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