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PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter
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Developers of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter are proud to be creating one of the most unique and distinctive luxury condominium towers ever built. They are ensuring it will be a highly desirable and sought-after space by marketing it with some of the world's most advanced digital technology. On the 30-acre mixed-use project site where the 706-foot high-rise residential tower is being built, a sales gallery has been opened, whose focal point is a nearly 760 square-foot digital video wall from Planar Systems. The video wall – comprised of 36 of Planar's 55-inch Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System displays – presents potential buyers of the luxury condominium residences with a dramatic picture of what their lives will be like overlooking all that their new community and Miami have to offer.

"PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter is an environment like no other in terms of its amenities, cultural and entertainment opportunities, and even its private access to the mall below. We wanted a digital platform like Planar's Clarity Matrix video wall solution to help people see it to the fullest, to become excited about it, and to want to be part of it," says Daniel Kodsi, developer of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter. "Clarity Matrix is transformational. It really helps put people in the mood to buy, so it's a very important asset for us in this highly competitive condominium market."

Turnkey solution factors heavily into selection of Clarity Matrix

Visitors to the PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter sales gallery will see their new lifestyle on the 36-display Clarity Matrix video wall in stunning renderings, compelling videos and beautifully-depicted messaging. The experience reflects the extensive involvement of South Florida-based iHummingbird, the systems integration firm that recommended Clarity Matrix and designed the display strategy for the video wall. "PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter will change the Miami landscape and the lives of people who choose to live here. Clarity Matrix will bring that change to life for them in a way no other digital medium can."

The Clarity Matrix video wall is a six-wide by six high (6x6) configuration of Clarity Matrix LX55HDS-L displays. It occupies a prominent position on a wall just to the right of the sales gallery entrance. iHumingbird's CEO, Richard Berrie, says it mirrors today's most advanced smart technology so it offers familiarity to the PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter sales team, along with ease of use; and communicates to sales gallery visitors and potential residents that PARAMOUNT is a cutting-edge development in many ways.

Berrie says Clarity Matrix comes as a turn-key solution, a factor that figured heavily into its selection. "We placed one purchase order for the system and received everything we needed to install the video wall and get it up and running. This is the way a solution such as this should be provided, as Planar recognizes. It makes the installation process smoother, faster and less costly since we don't have to spend time sourcing and then integrating components from third-party suppliers."

Key features of Clarity Matrix deliver efficiencies, enable an impactful sales process

Several other factors figured into the decision for Clarity Matrix as well, including the lighter weight of Clarity Matrix displays. Each Clarity Matrix LX55HDS-L display weighs approximately 60 pounds. This made it possible for iHummingbird to create a mounting surface using 5/8 inch plywood. "Were we using another manufacturer's product, the displays would weigh quite a bit more which would require a heavier and more costly mounting infrastructure," says Berrie.

iHummingbird also favored Clarity Matrix's unique Planar® EasyAxis™ Mounting System. This six-way cam system facilitates the quick and precise alignment of all displays in the video wall. It ensures that all displays within the video wall are positioned next to each other consistently – left, right, up and down – and that a perfectly flat surface is achieved.

Further, Clarity Matrix is designed such that power supplies and certain other components can be remotely located. This keeps heat generating elements away from the video wall, which minimizes the potential for heat induced failures. Berrie adds that this is also important because the video wall is recessed into the sales gallery's sheet rock. "Were the power supplies and other components not distributed, we could easily be trapping heat at the video wall which could degrade its uptime."

PARAMOUNT's Kodsi noted as important, Clarity Matrix's ultra- thin tiled bezel width. "With such small gaps between displays, the video wall looks like one contiguous screen. This is really important since we are showing high definition video and other high quality content such as images of the project environment, and renderings of the various floorplans we offer. People look at this big screen and they're almost transfixed by it. It really shows how different and effective this type of sales tool is."

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