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Russia’s premier film production company counts on Barco’s cutting-edge post-production tech

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Russia’s premier film production company counts on Barco’s cutting-edge post-production tech
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         Employing more than 1,200 people and producing over one hundred films per year, Mosfilm is Russia’s premier television and film production company. Famous Russian cinematographers like Vadim Abdrashytov, Vladimir Menshov and Alla Surikova have relied on Mosfilm to create their masterpieces. As an industry leader, Mosfilm is keen on investing in the latest and best cinematographic technology.     

                         World-class tech and exemplary reputation

At the recommendation of its integrator Kinomaster, Mosfilm recently chose Barco as the supplier of its newest post-production projector – the 4K DP4K-P. Not only is this projector the first in the world to meet the film industry’s highest demands in postproduction, archiving, restoration and color grading, Mosfilm was also duly impressed with Barco’s exemplary reputation in cinematography.

“We chose the Barco DP4K-P because of its advanced post-production features, high image quality and the reliability of the technique,” explained Mosfilm’s Igor Bogdasarov, Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer. “Also, Barco’s close relationship with Kinomaster, the integrator, was very helpful.”


Barco solution 

  • DP4K-P post-production projector

Why Barco? 

  • Reputation in cinematography
  • Advanced post-production features

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