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KoROAD and Barco keep South Korean roads safe

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KoROAD and Barco keep South Korean roads safe
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Since 1954, the Road Traffic Authority KoROAD has been committed to improving safety on South Korea’s roads. To reduce the number of accidents, KoROAD provides regular safety trainings, constantly checks up on infrastructure and provides highly accurate traffic information.

To keep a close eye on South Korea’s vast road network, KoROAD has been relying on Barco technology since 1997. Back then, the Road Traffic Authority relied on a 100-inch, 4x1 Barco CRT projector. In 2006, the organization first installed a Barco video wall with 60-inch cubes in a 9x3 set-up at the famous Urban Traffic Information Center (UTIC) in Sindang-dong, Seoul. Over the years, the video wall has proved to be crucial for KoROAD to fulfill its purpose.

Ten years later, in 2016, KoROAD moved to Yangjae-dong in Seoul and replaced the video wall with a new solution. Convinced by Barco’s superior quality, proven reliability and service, the South Korean organization decided to go for Barco’s OverView OL-721 LED video wall with NoGap screen in a 9x4 set-up. Offering an unparalleled level of redundancy and Barco’s trademark reliability, the new video wall is sure to serve KoROAD – and Korean road users – for another 10 years and beyond

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