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Barco - Marina Bay counts down to 2016 with a colourful 3D light show in Singapore

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Barco - Marina Bay counts down to 2016 with a colourful 3D light show in Singapore
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As 2015 was coming to a close, all eyes turned to… the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, the country’s 71st National Monument. From 26 till 31 December, a 3D-light projection show, that went by the appropriate name of ‘An Explosion of Colour’, illuminated the façade of the neoclassical building, every night. The digital art showcase culminated with a spectacular countdown on New Year’s Eve: the perfect start to a prosperous and vibrant 2016.

The digital imagery, designed by AIMS productions, highlighted the historical and architectural richness, which stands in sharp contrast to the modern, world-famous skyline. Barco’s large venue projectors — HDX W20 Flex, HDF W30 Flex and HDQ-2K40 — helped highlight Singapore, in the most colourful way possible, as ‘a city in a garden’, with a focus on unity and friendship in an ever-changing world.

In total, 33 units of Barco projectors were deployed for the event, including 5 units of Barco HDQ 2K40, 12 units of Barco HDF W30 Flex, 16 units of Barco HDX W20 Flex.

Watch the complete video here.

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