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U.S. Forces Afghanistan
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USFOR-A identified the need for a multi-use facility to support executive briefings, conferencing, and Joint Operations Center (JOC) floor operations. The audiovisual system to support this facility had to be tested in the M.C. Dean European Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and installed in an active war zone.

The M.C. Dean-AMX solution provided a fully integrated, highly reliable audiovisual system capable of supporting multiple operating modes in two independent spaces. The multi-purpose space included four video walls with 64 displays, full lighting control, and an integrated third party interpretation system with end-user and administrator level control. The two spaces were integrated via an AMX control system over fiber optic audiovisual tie-lines so that sources could be shared between systems.

The solution supported multi-national conferencing, critical decision making, and enabled USFOR-A, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Afghani leadership to maintain situational awareness while ensuring proper security integrity was maintained across multiple classification levels.

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