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U.S. Africa Command Joint Operations Center
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AFRICOM identified the need for a campus-wide standard audiovisual system interface which could then be applied to the AFRICOM JOC and alternate JOC on Kelley Barracks. The control system needed to manage a fully interoperable audiovisual exchange between these two buildings.

M.C. Dean designed and implemented a system which used AMX open architecture to interface with existing government control systems. This system enabled communication between the AFRICOM JOC and alternate JOC while maintaining a consistent user interface. The audiovisual systems within these two facilities included the ability to control remote PCs, push and pull feeds between critical locations, and allowed for real-time situational awareness and decision superiority for key AFRICOM decision makers.

The solution enabled the AFRICOM JOC and alternate JOC to support critical decision making and perform critical real-world AFRICOM/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations in the AFRICOM Area of Responsibility (AOR) at Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

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