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The White House Press Secretary’s Office

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The White House Press Secretary’s Office
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The White House Press Secretary’s Office
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The White House Press Secretary required a custom situational awareness solution that offered the ability to monitor multiple national news feeds simultaneously, with an option to highlight an individual feed for full screen viewing.

The AMX Government Team developed an innovative, multiplatform solution combining an AMX 17” Modero Touch Panel, CATV Distribution Hub and TPI-Pro Presentation Interface. With the output of the TPI-Pro as the baseline video image for the touch panel, the Press Secretary was able to select one of four individual news feeds for output to the viewing display. Additionally, the user interface allowed for customization of channel selection as well as bringing an individual feed to full screen on the touch panel.

"It’s an honor to have contributed to the success of our most esteemed national institution. The Press Secretary is thrilled with her new system and amazed at how seamlessly it has been integrated into the historic White House furniture. It’s a clear illustration of how AMX excels in the merger of superior technology and unique form factor."

– Harold Oginz, Former Director, AMX Government Team

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