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John Laing's AMX Infrastructure
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John Laing's AMX Infrastructure
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Having recently relocated to a prominent central London location, John Laing's headquarters oversees the activities of 73 national and six international offices – making robust video-conferencing capabilities a top priority. A key focus was placed on user adoption – making the system both effective and easy to use.

AMX 10-inch Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panels located in each of the eight meeting rooms allow participants to enjoy a greatly simplified user experience, as well as the ability to manage their own in-room environment. These intuitive interfaces provide fingertip control, and preconfigured settings ensure that the system is optimized for ease of use. For example, with one touch, the videoconferencing system, cameras, and screens are activated.

"Putting AMX in control ensures that a positive video-conferencing experience is always, quite literally, at the fingertips. All of the [videoconferencing] and AV functions are displayed in a graphical way that makes it so simple to use. People just get it."

– Dylan Jones, IT Director

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