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IBM sought to upgrade the audiovisual technology of the Executive Briefing Center (EBC), housed in IBM's Silicon Valley Laboratory facility. The campus is home to more than 2,000 employees and the technologies used throughout the facility must underscore the priority that IBM places on productivity, efficiency and environmental compatibility.

"The EBC's primary goals were to educate existing and potential clients about ongoing advances in IBM software development," says Eric Neuman, senior design engineer, AVI-SPL. "Today, the multiple conference room facility highlights an efficient use of the equipment space, featuring innovations in projection and video conferencing technologies. As part of the AMX control system, Touch Panels are installed in each space, maximizing the control and monitoring of all AV systems."

"Our goal was simply to have the best possible audiovisual technology for effective client briefings in a reliable and intuitive environment. The AMX control units become a critical part of our minimalistic design point – to do more with less widgets. They act as a AMX control system for everything in the environment, as well as a monitor for the laptop integrated into the podium."

– Rosario Montes-Arena, Manager, IBM Software Executive Briefing Program

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