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NEC Display: emebaVet
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Using emebaVet's customized content network on NEC 40" LCD displays, veterinary clinics are able to educate, inform and entertain customers while tracking the effectiveness of advertising.

Quick Facts
  • Facility: emebaVet
  • Location: Modesto, California
  • Challenge: Educating and entertaining captive audiences/enhancing client relationships/reducing patrons’ perceived wait time
  • Solution: 40” NEC MultiSync LCD4020-BK-IT
  • Date: August 2007

The waiting room of a doctor's office or hospital lobby may seem like a never-ending experience to patients who endure a long delay before their appointment begins. Lobbies across the nation naturally provide a captive audience, and emebaVet saw this as a perfect opportunity to educate and inform clients by introducing LCD displays. Constantly running customized content on large displays helps to maintain an entertaining and stimulating atmo­sphere for patrons while decreasing the perceived wait time.

emebaVet is a northern California-based com­pany whose mission is to create captive audience digital signage solutions by building networks of interconnected display systems and customized content for each of its cli­ents. The company works to enhance the lobby experience by connecting patients to their surround­ing environment. Custom­ers include veterinary clinics, hospitals, airports and government offices, and emebaVet anticipates working with auto repair and human medicine mar­kets in the near future.

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