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NEC Display: Arlington Heights Memorial Library

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NEC Display: Arlington Heights Memorial Library
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When the Arlington Heights Memorial Library needed to conserve space and give patrons a better way to work, NEC Display Solutions offered the ideal solution.

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Arlington Heights Memorial Library
  • Location: Arlington Heights, IL
  • Challenge: Incompatible, space-consuming displays
  • Solution: Eleven (11) 15" NEC MultiSync LCD1530V monitors
  • Date: June 2001

For many years, libraries, much like museums, were trapped in the stereotype of being archaic, dusty facilities that rested at the bottom of the average person’s list of fun or entertaining places to spend an evening or weekend afternoon. Over the past few years, however, as these institutions have found various uses for advancing technologies, perceptions have changed for the better. In the case of libraries, computer-based card catalogs and the advent of the Internet have forever changed the way libraries organize their materials and how their patrons go about finding them. These advancements also have made a person’s time at the library more efficient and stimulating.

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library (AHML), located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a prime example of how libraries are using current technology to optimize both its employees’ and patrons’ experiences. In June 2001, the AHML chose NEC Display Solutions to provide space and financial solutions and to help it enter the next generation of display technology

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